Friday, August 17, 2012

Sage Tea, Extract, and Pill

How does sage prevent sweating?
  • Sage is an example of an "anhidrotic" and when ingested, can decrease sweating overall in the body. 

What form should sage be used in?
  • Sage comes in many different forms such as tea. My favorite brand of sage tea is  "Alvita". Sage can also be bought as an extract and mixed with water or any other kind of drink. There is also a pill form of sage.

How effective is sage?
  • Sage works very well for decreasing sweating. It has reduced my sweating by about 70%. It also has numerous other benefits including decreasing anxiety, preventing hot flashes, and improving memory and concentration. 

Are there any side effects of sage?
  • Sage contains a chemical called thujone which can be very damaging to the brain and liver when taken in excess.Before buying any sage product, be sure to contact the manufacturer to be sure that their product does not contain thujone.



  1. You should check out DermiDry. It is a daily vitamin for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. each pill contains 400mg of sage (thujone free)as well as 12 other sweat-reducing herdal extracts and vitamins.

  2. Sage tea is definitely one of the most effective herbal remedies for excessive sweating. I found some more herbs at that seem like they might work.

  3. I never thought about using tea to help my sweaty hands. Thank you for sharing this. Ill definitely try it out now.